• Site URL: http://tekcities.com/ 
  • Description: We offer Free Website Hosting for a lifetime with limited features. You can host any of your personal or hobby websites, blogs or other with a $0.00 investment. Our free web hosting has no expiration. You can run a website with a free MySQL database. And the best of all – you get a free WordPress and Joomla Installer available in our free web hosting panel. 
  • Disk space (MB): 250 
  • Data transfer (MB): 5,000 
  • Database type: MySQL 
  • Number of databases:
  • Domains:
  • Subdomains:
  • FTP accounts:
  • Mailboxes:
  • Can use batcave.net subdomain!
  • Joomla and WordPress installer
  • Free instant setup
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full DNS Management
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Web based file manager
  • Email Accounts: 1
  • Email Aliases: 1
  • Mailing Lists: 0
  • E-mail Filters: 1
  • Webmail: Yes
  • POP3/IMAP: Yes
  • SMTP Access: Yes
  • Autoresponder: No
  • Catch-All: No
  • Email Forwarding: No
  • MySQL(v.5) Databases: 1
  • MySQL Database Storage: 10 MB
  • phpMyAdmin: Yes
  • PostgreSQL Databases: No
  • PHP 5: Yes
  • Custom php.ini: No
  • ASP.NET: No
  • Perl, CGI: Yes
  • Ruby: No
  • Python: No
  • SSI support: No
  • Crontab support: No
  • Curl: No
  • GD: Yes
  • Image Magick: No
  • IonCube: No
  • Zend Optimizer: No
  • Access & Error Logs: No
  • Traffic Statistics: Yes
  • Webalizer Statistics: No

One thought on “TEKcities

  1. flo

    Hi from Italy, I wanted to built mine website with the wordpress, using this hosting. I doewnloaded the wordpress packet ZIP an signuped in there hosting. After many intents I finded that ZIP files are in prohibition.

    I do’nt this very much upset. Mine points to tekcities are -1.



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