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  • Description: TalkShoe is a website for user-generated live and recorded voice content. Users can host and join live voice discussion groups, radio talk show, conversations, and talk shows, called Community Call, using telephones, cell phones or Internet voice (voice-over-IP, VoIP). All Community Calls can be recorded for listening, downloading or podcasting to an iPod. Host make money for hosting discussion groups, talk shows, friends and family chats, book clubs, hobbyists' meetings, political debates, and education and training. 
  • TalkShoe provides live interactive software, conferencing, ShoePhone, chat room, player, widgets, storage, bandwidth, ads, directory listing, and technical support, all for Free
  • Community Calls can be recorded and listened to
  • FREE recording
  • FREE storage
  • FREE bandwidth
  • Uploading of existing podcast episodes
  • Unlimited recording hours
  • Detailed statistics reports
  • Earn money with TalkShoe Cash
  • Limit to the mp3 file size: 100 MB

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