• Site URL: 
  • Description: SecureSafe is your Swiss online storage solution including password management, file sharing and file synchronisation – highly secure and very simply 
  • Disk space (MB): 100 
  • 100 MB personal file storage
  • Online account (via web browser)
  • Send files as a public link
  • Send multiple files at the same time
  • Mail-In (receive emails and documents)
  • Complete encryption (AES-256 and RSA-2048)
  • Data is transferred with SSL / TLS
  • Tripple redundant file storage
  • Data Inheritance, Maximum number of beneficiaries: 1
  • FAQs / PDF tutorials / Videos
  • Private file manager to store important files in a highly secure digital safe thanks to triple redundant data storage
  • Password manager: Password Safe for 50 passwords
  • With the SecureSend feature you can encrypt and send files to any recipient and the recipient does not need a SecureSafe account to download the files
  • With the Data Inheritance feature you can allow family members or business partners to have access to important information such as PINs and passwords in the event that you are involved in an emergency
  • With File synchronization either for PCs and Macs, you can synchronize files between your computer and your SecureSafe account
  • Team safe feature not available in Free plan
  • Desktop app, iOS app available for download in iTunes store, Android app available for download in Google Play store
  • Referral program: SecureSafe FREE users can earn 500 MB of storage space for each active referral, SecureSafe FREE users can earn up to 5 GB of free storage through referrals, in addition, your contact will receive 500 MB of storage space too.

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