• Site URL: 
  • Description: The European Sync / Storage Service - Your files online to share and access from anywhere 
  • Disk space (MB): 3,000 
  • Free storage account is limited to a maximum file size of 150 MB
  • Versioning: last 60 days versions of all your files
  • CloudMe for Desktop: Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu
  • CloudMe for Mobile: iPhone/iPad app, Android app
  • CloudMe for TV: Samsung SmartTV, Google TV, WD TV Media Players
  • Configure NetDrive to connect to CloudMe
  • Configure Zotero to connect to CloudMe
  • Private data created or uploaded is only available at the CloudMe data center in Sweden
  • Files automatically backed-up once a day
  • Share files with friends with Web URL link, or enter the email addresses to friends to invite
  • No built in support for encryption, but possible with the help of the third party software, Boxcryptor. Boxcryptor provides mobile apps, allowing mobile access to your encrypted files in CloudMe
  • CloudMe Sync can backup specific folders or your whole computer, with scheduler for a specific day or week time
  • WebDAV support to connect to CloudMe: you can use dedicated backup applications such as Logisweep or HandyBackup
  • Compatible with WinZip 17.5 and forward
  • Virtual cloud desktop now available from CloudTop with the same username and password as CloudMe
  • Get up to 16 GB free, for a total of 19 GB of free space, by inviting your friends to CloudMe
  • Earn a bonus of 500 MB for every friend who joins
  • Each friend will also receive a bonus of 500 MB for using your invitation

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