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  1. Naveen Kumar

    Hi, I am Naveen Kumar. Recently I have submitted a request to add my free hosting site to your directory and I have added a link of your site to my homepage too. But still my site is not indexed in your directory. May I know the reasons why site is not indexed in your directory. Please kindly consider this mail and reply me.

    1. freehostsdir editor

      It seems you did not read the instructions. You did not add your hosting specifications. You only included:

      We have BEST servers, we have all the options of a paid host but for free!!! Sign up now!!

      and that’s not enough information. Please read the instructions provided in the submit form page.

      You have to copy the next fields.
      Site URL:
      Disk space: 000 MB
      Data transfer: 000 MB
      Database type:
      Number of databases: 0
      Domains: 0
      Subdomains: 0
      FTP accounts: 0
      Mailboxes: 0
      Mail disk space: 000
      Other features:

      Fill in with your specs.
      Include it in your submit form.

  2. VimlyHost Web Services


    Our website appears to have being delisted from your website.

    I’m unsure as to we still link to your website through the partners tab on the home page, and although we have modified our free plan quota, it is still available.

    1. freehostsdir editor Post author

      The link in your website is definitely there, but the Partners tab is not working properly in some browsers because there is an extra space in your target anchor. You may want to fix it.


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